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Nice race in Nottingham

2013-02-21 18:41

The team had one quest with this race, and that was to keep the second place in the championship. the course was two long straits witch im not used to race and didnt have the right props for it. But with a little help from World Champion Erik Stark we manage to qualify on fourth. The day ended with Match Race and speed record. As usual did i meet Erik in the first run and lost... Then we went out for the Speedrecord. I thought that i took it a little bit careful but i was the fastest one so i won the Speed race with 184km. Now to the race I had a realy good start but was cut of by Rupp Temper and got cought in his rooster. And when i got to the turn i felt a hit from behind and i spun out. then i had i big fight with Ola Pettersson. But i keept the fourth place and that was enoth for keeping the second place in the championship....

3:rd in speedtrap

2011-06-04 18:44

The day started with 5:th place in timetrails. The team has prepared the boat realy good and the new Optimax works great, now its up to me to learn how to push it to the limit. After the timetrails We ran the speedtrap. The team ended at 3:rd place with speed of 184 km. Now We are looking forward to the race tomorrow.

WC race 2011

2011-02-07 17:46

Dear All

Following venues are now confirmed on the F2 World Championship calendar as we have received proofs of the payment of the 10.000 Euro

CAGLIARI – ITALY on June 11- 12
ISTANBUL – TURKEY on June 25-26 (change of date since May 7/8 they have the F1 GP)
EVIAN – FRANCE on September 17- 18

These organisers will now receive the ROR as prepared by the Team Association

We expect confirmation of the second Italian race Sept 24/25 by the end of this week.

All other venues which were requested will be kept pending on the calendar up till Feb 25th. If at that date the deposit of 10.000 Euro is not received, these races will be withdrawn from the calendar and they could not re-apply for a race in 2011.

After that date, we can re-insert the i.o. races which will not be clashing with the accepted WC dates.

Kind regards

Régine Vandekerckhove
Secretary General UIM

World Championship round 3

2009-12-16 16:55

Had a great race to days ago, the race didnt start so god for me, the engine didnt start so i was the last from the pontoon, but i moved up the field all the time during the race, so im pleased with the 8th place.

the team has worked realy hard for this and now i know can be in the top...

New Helmetdesign

2009-12-08 17:53

New design made by Strängnas Billackering....

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